44 of the most creative business cards

There has been a lot of talk lately within the design community about the future of the business card. The general argument is as follows.

With the arrival of new innovative technologies and social media sites that help people get connected and network in so many different ways. Is it still necessary to use business cards? Surely we’re overlooking more efficient, tree-friendly ways to reach out to potential clients?

The defending argument is: Yeah, but when you’re meeting someone for the first time, how else will people remember you? How will people remember your company name, your email address, your telephone number, your website? Name me a better alternative to the business card and I’ll listen.

Whilst in the UK for example, business cards are handed over with little regard for it’s meaning, other than extending networks. In some countries however, business card etiquette is taken a lot more seriously. Almost as if it’s a culture within itself and each exchange considered as a small ceremony.

Whilst the battle still rages on, here are 44 of the best and most creative business cards from a range of different industries.

Personally, from a design point-of-view, I see the business card as an art form and another way of expressing yourself as a designer and as a company.

It’s a challenage to demonstate what you do, what makes you different and your design skills in such a small space but I suppose that’s why the best business cards are never easily forgotten.

Part of me likes to think that the ways of the traditional business card are evolving as opposed to dying out, but what do you think? Is the business card dead?

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5 Comments on “44 of the most creative business cards

  1. Good work. I like the touchy feeliness and memorability of business cards. The association with when you received them, lives on long into the future where as email communications, twitter, what’s app, bebo, texts and facebook updates can easily get lost and forgotten in the information overload of today.

    Just a thought.

    Also one’s own business cards, put an historical context in marking one’s career path, with all the highs and lows associated.

    Nuff said, let’s keep the cards and intuitively evolve them.

    Ciao Ade

  2. A good point there Ade.
    Handing an individual a business card is a lot more personal as opposed to perhaps networking with them through social media. But with technology improving all the time, will that be the case in 5 years and will that even matter?!

  3. Firstly, great collection here! Very inspiring.

    About the business card situation…essentially, I think it’s one more mean of communication. An extent of your professional identity, that can be used for good or bad. It’s not for necessity but as an opportunity to give something more. I believe cards have a funny mechanic though, because, apart from it being another chance to “showcase” yourself, it largely depends on the context you hand them in as well. And there’s also a possible reaction against digital (wev seen the letterpress excitement coming) that can turn good, real, business cards into a luxurious/ fashionable item.

    Anyway, to keep it short…b.cards= good, not necessary. But use it in your advantage.

  4. I have a massive business card fetish and believe they are a crucial part of the ‘first impression’ – it says that the person has taken the time to present themselves professionally and takes enough pride in their work to hand them out.

    Personally, I’d rather be given a card than have to scrounge around for a pen and paper to hurriedly write down details, and with so much information overload these days it’s always nice to have something tangible, which you can also refer to when you need inspiration.

    Thank you for posting this. My favourite is the divorce lawyer card – pure genius!


  5. I’m glad you like the collection Duarte and I think you’re right. I do believe a business is an extension of your identity and that’s why I think they’re so important. Especially in the design community.

    I good point Mirella. First impressions are key as we all know and having a business card that you’ve put time and effort into surely can improve that experience?!

    I’m glad you liked the lawyer card. When I saw it, my train of thought was: Ah that’s harsh! Should I include it.. Yes! :)

    Thank you for your comments everyone.

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