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Founded in 2004, YOYO have managed to take the idea of retro pixel design and transform it into creative, modern-day graphic design.

Being a fan of puzzles and old-skool games myself, I think the concept and execution of the idea is just genius.

“Imagine what it would be like to take a bath with a shark, to have a cactus that doesn’t sting or to laughingly reach into an alligator´s mouth. Pixel by pixel, you can create, let grow and have your dream come true. The puxxle makes everything possible.”

“The puxxle is born out of the fascination that two sisters have for games. From childhood on, Catarina Lente and Luisa Lente pass most of their spare time with puzzles, imagining characters and inventing games. With the emergence of the Spectrum, they discover a new world and later on, with SimCity2000, their fascination for pixel-constructions begins.

“Specialized in Graphic Design, Product and Web, in 2004 they found the design company Yoyo. After years of work and many different projects, it is with pixel-projects that they imagine what it would be like to lift the pixelized universe from the screen into the real world. Composing in pixel is not solitary work in the computer anymore, but rather a game, a pixel puzzle, where both of them can intervene pixel by pixel and where everything is possible.”

- Quoted from YOYO’s Puxxle Shop

For me, the whole idea bought about a sense of nostalgia and reminded me of the days I used to play Super Mario Bros. on my first Nintendo console. Good times.

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