Obsessed with collecting lines

When it comes to any form of design, it’s no secret that greatness inspires greatness. But is it possible to be inspired by too much?

Coming out of High School and before I was introduced to the world of graphic design, I developed a passion for writing. I worked hard to perfect my style and whilst doing so, I found that many things influenced the way that I wrote. So I decided to document them.

“Play to your strengths; be nice to people, and in time you’ll come out on top.”


Everything that impacted me, one way or another was noted down. Whether it was dialogue from films, certain lines from novels, key lyrics from songs or any other source of inspiration.

It got to the point where I was so obsessed with collecting lines, that watching a film at the cinema consisted of all my friends enjoying the whole cinematic experience, whilst I’d be getting my phone out every now and then just to write down a quote in case I forgot it. A bit much I know.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”


Upon realising my obsession, I broke my habit but not before collecting hundreds of quotes and learning something fundamental. Inspiration will always help you with the creative process.

But like anything, if you take in too much at any one time, it can overwhelm you. Be smart when it comes to who and what you’re inspired by. Extracted from the hundreds, here are 77 quotes that could be useful to you.

Whether you find inspiration from a single design or from the movement of the design community as a whole, there’s no doubt that being inspired by the things we love and by the people we admire is one of the most important parts of being a designer.

“Be carefully who’s advise you buy, but be patent with those who supply it.”


In the design world, my first and biggest inspiration is graphic designer David Airey. The thousands that are aware of him already will know that he has influenced the masses. He’s the reason I’m here and to him, I owe a great deal.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and what quotes have impacted you? Please share your thoughts as I would love to hear about your inspirations.

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3 Comments on “Obsessed with collecting lines

  1. My biggest design inspirations are El Lissitzky, Max Huber, Saul Bass, and David Ogilvy. As for quotes, pretty much everything Einstein ever said.

    Great post!

  2. P.S. Ultimately my biggest inspiration is the world around me – everything from my typographic coffee mugs to autumn leaves changing colour – beauty is everywhere. It’s also advantageous to bring another form of creative expression into your design work, such as photography, writing, drawing, etc., because it gives you a different perspective on how you view things and allows you to ‘think outside the box’.

  3. I completely agree with you Mirella. Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere, so long as you’re aware of it.

    There are so many great artists and the world offers us any infinite amount of inspiration. Thanks for sharing your inspiration – some great names there.

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